A.P.’s Manifesto

In a world where everything seems ephemeral and virtual, our jewellery house has the ambition of making works of art accessible in your daily life, so that everyone can become a custodian of exceptional objects, imbued with history but which will last into the future.

Every one of the creations by L’Albatrôs Paris is the result of a dialogue between the brand’s creator and the arts and crafts artisans, with whom he works closely. Each piece of work is steeped with the heritage of generations of artisans and France’s best talent. Each object is a living treasure that is the result of a meeting between a rich artistic heritage, a contemporary designer and a living material, that is, wood.

L’Albatrôs Paris designs its creations so that their custodians can develop a strong and personal bond with the piece. Every one of these objects can be worn or contemplated much like a talisman.

This means each collection by L’Albatrôs Paris offers its custodian heritage, the opportunity for travel and an incitement to reverie.