Invitation au voyage


With this collection, L’Albatrôs Paris pays homage to the most beautiful varieties of precious wood. Each of the varieties selected presents a character that is very distinct and has its own beauty. Whether this is in the swirls typical of the amboyna grain or the snakeskin effect of amourette wood, each piece from the L’Invitation au Voyage collection is a source of fascination.

Receiving a piece of jewellery from the L’Invitation au Voyage collection is to be transported into a dreamlike world where “there is only order and beauty, luxury, calm and sensual pleasure” (Charles Baudelaire, Les fleurs du mal)


The wood offered in this first range is violet wood and light or dark amboyna. While violet wood, which comes from the lush forests of the Amazon, is an invitation to escape, thanks to its exotic character, amboyna, which comes from the East Indies, has the characteristic of being both exotic because of its origins as well its history.  It is also the most emblematic wood of the Art Deco movement and the fine furniture designed by Ruhlmann during this period.