Resolutely contemporary, this collection is seductive with its pure lines.

Each piece of jewellery has interlaced curves which match one another and enter into resonance with our sensibility. Through the resulting different sensory associations, it soothes and conveys its quest for harmony.

The Correspondances collection is an echo of the verses written by Charles Baudelaire in his eponymous poetry anthology Les fleurs du mal, “The perfumes, colours and sounds answer each other [...] whispering in chorus their songs of the exaltation of the spirit and the senses.”


Made up of different burr walnuts, which are individually chosen for their orange-tinted or dark hues, sycamore and royal blue-stained sycamore, and embellished with an ebony fillet inlay, the Correspondances collection blends centuries-old wood and varieties with very contemporary hues.